Jagged Alliance

Name: Jagged Alliance
Genre: Strategy
Designer: Ian Currie
Developer: Sir-Tech
Publisher: Sir-Tech
Copyright: Sir-Tech
Year: 1994

Rating: 10.1

Jagged Alliance
Screenshot Cover
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Review - Wikipedia
Released in 1994 for DOS this first game of the series tasks the player with freeing the land of Metavira. The player must recruit mercenaries as they explore, capture, and hold new territory. The natives harvest the valuable trees from which a revolutionary medicine can be extracted. The more trees the player holds, the more income they make. Income can be used to hire native guards or hire more mercenaries to take the offense and clear sectors of enemies.

This game featured a top-down perspective of the game field for battles, with character portraits framing the view on the left and right sides. A separate map view showed the entire country broken up into bite-size conquerable sections.


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